Trans Resource Guide

Gender Therapists

Counselors are available to speak at the Counseling Center, located between the Pavia Garage and Stanford Drive.

There is a wide selection of therapists throughout the Miami-Dade area. You can reference Psychology Today, whose website allows you to view profiles for therapists throughout the area. You can directly search for therapists who are knowledgeable in gender therapy, accept your health insurance, and are within your neighborhood.

Advice for finding a therapist

If you feel comfortable asking friends or community members, they may be able to recommend therapists they have used in the past. If you have health insurance, contact your provider. They may have a list of people they recommend and work with in the area.

*Please note that provider recommended services may not always be the best fit.

Find a therapist that is relatively easy to reach. You want a therapist who can fit into your weekly schedule without causing excess stress of finding the time to go or transportation to get there.

The therapist you find may not always be the best fit for you. If you feel that a therapist is not helping you find the answers that you need, do not hesitate to search for another.

Laser Hair Removal

DermaClinic: the Coral Gables location (1430 South Dixie Highway) offers a discount for UM students. Be sure to have your CaneCard available at your initial consultation.

Trans Resource Organizations

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